Make the Right Move 



Calculate rent and triple net expenses of real estate to meet tenants’ budget and location requirements.  Negotiate leases with existing or new tenants for property owners.

Bank-owned liquidations

Represent banks and holding companies with sales of bank-own properties. Re-evaluate and prepare BPO-CMA reports to provide property market evaluations and establish realistic market value pricing.


Recommends contractors for clean-ups, construction and repair to stabilize and move properties with a cost effective approach.  Connects buyers to financial institutions to secure competitive options.

Results Achieved:

Investment acquisitions

Analyze return on investment based upon clients’ objectives and resources.  Each property has its own story and must be evaluated independently.  Mike works with a number of investor clients to match the right property to the ideal buyer.


Evaluate the requirements of clients’ unique business prerequisites whether leasing, purchasing or selling properties.

Commercial Retail

Appraise location for local and national tenants to reach their target market. Examine the feasibility of land acquisitions in respect of zoning and development regulations.

He understands the needs and concerns of business owners.  As an entrepreneur for more than 30 years, Mike utilizes his talents and knowledge from over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience to serve your best interest. Mike has developed and operated multiple businesses. His licensed expertise and background in commercial construction prove invaluable to buyers considering remodeling costs or new construction. Mike guides buyers through the phases of evaluation, financing and closing on ideal real estate. His honest, client-centered approach to business have led to his success in the industry.

Mike Stuard is a business and commercial real estate expert

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